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Why Us?

Multidisciplinary Approach

SPA Bhopal's multidisciplinary approach can provide a holistic perspective to architectural projects, taking into account various factors such as sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and user experience. Our students have tackled challenging architectural problems and grassroots innovation solutions.

Diverse Skill Set

With a diverse skill set, we offer programs in various architectural disciplines, including Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Environmental Design, and more. This diversity allows companies to tap into a wide range of architectural expertise.

Strong Work Ethic

Our graduates have a robust work ethic instilled in them throughout their education. They are well-versed in meeting deadlines and working on architectural projects with unwavering dedication.

Placement Process

SPA Bhopal sends an invite 

Email is sent by the placement Cell along with relevant details and registration link. 

Organizations fill the JAF 

Job Announcement link needs to be filled by the recruiter. 

Shortlist, Interview & Recruit 

Recruiters shortlist, follows necessary process for further selection and hire the students. 


Training and Placement Cell



Student Coordinators

Yash Jain


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Training and Placement Cell

Dr. Sanjeev Singh [Chairman]


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Dr. Nayana Singh [Coordinator] nayana@spabhopal.ac.in,

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Er. Abhinav Shrivastava [Member]


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Dr. Ashfaque Alam  [Member] 


Sunil Jaiswal  [Member]